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​For professionals


Z efiro wants to involve professionals who deal with the separation crisis in its project in the belief that only through a network intervention will it be possible to support the redefinition of family balance, protect the development of children and the health of parents.  


Children and parents must be able to survive the separative crisis and the family must continue to carry out its function as organizer of social relations.


For this it is necessary that all the professionals involved, both as legal experts and as care experts, work intensively on the network providing their clients / patients with every support, every information and every tool to contain the couple conflict and reorganize family life. .

Whether you are lawyers, judges, family mediators, psychologists, social workers, pedagogues or more, if you are involved in working with the separation crisis of a couple or a family, Zefiro wants to be at your side by providing advice, information and concrete tools for the family.

Find out here how we can collaborate.

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